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Luxury Safety Car Spray Booth Auto Paint Booth 7.9m Customized

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : Price private chat to get
Packaging Details : Standard Package Delivery Time : 5-8 weeks
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 100 PCS Per Month
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China Brand Name: SINOCAR
Certification: CE/CCC/ISO 9001 Model Number: SB-005

Detail Information

Product Name: Luxury Spray Booth Electric Heating: 10 Pcs Infrared Lamps
Diesel Heating: Oil Burner Wirh 140000Kcal/h Fans: 2*5.5KW Inlet Fans; 1 Pcs 2.2KW Outlet Fans
Filter System: Floor Filter & Celling Filter Package Size: 22CBM, 3000kg
Inner Size: 7900*4100*2700mm (L*W*H) Outer Size: 8000*5300*3300mm (L*W*H)
Ramp: Inner Ramp/external Ramp Outlet Fan: 2.2KW Centrifugal Fans
Heating Up Time: 5-8min
High Light:

Luxury Car Spray Booth


Safety Car Spray Booth


auto paint booth 7.9m Customized

Product Description

Luxury Car Spray Booth with Fire Resistant Penal Customized Painting Room


7.9m Controlled Environment Car Spray Booth with Fire Resistant Penal


From small-scale custom projects to large industrial endeavors, our versatile paint booth can accommodate varying sizes and specifications. We take pride in our adaptability, ensuring timely completion of projects without compromising on precision.


  1. Controlled Environment: Luxury spray booths maintain precise temperature, humidity, and ventilation control to create the optimal conditions for applying coatings. This helps in achieving consistent results and preventing issues like dust, debris, or uneven application.

  2. Filtration Systems: High-end spray booths are equipped with advanced air filtration systems that remove particles and contaminants from the air, ensuring that the painted surface remains free from imperfections.

  3. Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial for achieving accurate color matching and flawless finishes. Luxury spray booths often feature specialized lighting systems that mimic natural daylight to ensure consistent color representation.

  4. Temperature and Humidity Control: Temperature and humidity can affect the drying time and quality of coatings. Luxury booths allow operators to control these factors precisely, which is crucial for achieving the desired finish.

  5. Exhaust System: Efficient exhaust systems help remove fumes, vapors, and overspray from the booth, maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment for operators.

  6. Automation and Technology: Some high-end spray booths may include automation features, such as programmable controls and robotic arms, that enhance efficiency and reduce human error during the painting process.

  7. Size and Configuration: Luxury spray booths come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of products. They can be customized to suit specific needs, whether for large items like cars or smaller items like electronics.

  8. Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any spray booth. Luxury models often include safety features like fire suppression systems, emergency stop buttons, and advanced monitoring systems to ensure the well-being of operators and the protection of the environment.

  9. Energy Efficiency: Many modern luxury spray booths are designed to be energy-efficient, utilizing technologies like variable frequency drives (VFDs) and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

  10. Compliance: High-quality spray booths adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that the finishes applied meet safety, quality, and environmental requirements.

Technical Parameters:

Basement Structure Basement Steel structure, 2 row of checked plates and 3 rows of vein boards,with the loading capacity of 7T
Basement Height 300MM
Ramp Inner ramp/external ramp
Booth Cabin Panel 1.Colorful steel skin panel. Rock wool panel fire resistant wall 5cm, two layers 0.35mm steel cover with fire resistant thermal insulation materials in.
2.Galvanized steel roof panel, anti-flame
Front Door/Safety Door Four offs all glass front door
Safety Door sheetmetal door with glass
Lighting System Top Lighting LED Ceiling lights:8 groups×3pieces =24pieces ×16W, with powder-coated light box
Wall LED boards 8 sets of LED light 3*16W=48W
Filter System Ceiling Filter Ceiling filter can capture granules bigger than 4μm, filtering rate> 98%
Intake&Exhaust System Intake Fan 2×5.5KW YDW double-intake centrifugal fans, total air capacity: 28000m³/h
Outlet fan 2.2KW centrifugal fans
Exhaust Duct Straight tube and bend
Heating System Halogen Infrared Heating Infrared heating lamps with explosion resistant ,220V/380V,24KW, 8 sets Halogen infrared barking lamps, every set with 3*1KW barking lamps
Max.Working Temperature 80℃
Heating Up Time 5-8min
Control System Control Panel Intelligent controlling system, lighting switch, spraying, heat spraying, baking, temperature controller, time setting, emergency stop
Functions Spray, Bake, Lighting and Emergency Stop
Size Inner Size 7900*4100*2700mm (L*W*H)
Outer Size 8000*5300*3300mm (L*W*H)
Remarks: 1.Quantum Graphene Heating System are optional according to the requirement.
2.Electric and Diesel Heating System are optional according to the requirement.

Luxury Safety Car Spray Booth Auto Paint Booth 7.9m Customized 0Luxury Safety Car Spray Booth Auto Paint Booth 7.9m Customized 1

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