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Installation Guide for Paint Baking Booth

October 29, 2023

Latest company news about Installation Guide for Paint Baking Booth

Welcome to our paint baking booth product! To ensure a smooth installation process, here is a detailed installation guide. Please read carefully and follow the steps outlined below.


Step One: Preparation


Before starting the installation, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials. Check the parts list to ensure no critical components are missing. During the installation process, it is recommended to wear appropriate protective gear to ensure safety.


Step Two: Framework Assembly


First, based on the provided layout, determine the arrangement of the paint baking booth. Begin assembling the framework, ensuring that each bracket and connecting piece is sturdy and reliable. Pay special attention to each connection point to ensure its stability.


Step Three: Installation of Ventilation System


Next, install the ventilation system for the paint baking booth. Connect fans, exhaust pipes, and other components according to the instructions, ensuring that the ventilation system can effectively remove exhaust gases and maintain a fresh working environment.


Step Four: Paint Spraying System Setup


Before connecting the paint spraying system, ensure that all spray guns and pipes are clean and free of foreign objects. Adjust the parameters of the paint spraying system according to the instructions to ensure even paint application and achieve the best coating results. During the calibration process, use scrap material for testing to ensure the system operates correctly.


Step Five: Electrical System Wiring


Proceed with wiring the electrical system for the paint baking booth. Connect heaters, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components, ensuring that everything operates normally. When wiring the electrical components, ensure that all connections are secure to avoid circuit malfunctions or safety hazards.


Step Six: Final Testing and Adjustment


After completing the above steps, perform an overall system test. Check the operation of the ventilation system, paint spraying system, and electrical system to ensure that each part is functioning correctly. If any issues are identified, make adjustments or repairs promptly.


  1. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation, please contact our customer service team promptly for timely assistance and guidance.

  2. Ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations during the installation process to guarantee the safety of personnel.

  3. If you have any doubts about any step, refrain from proceeding and consult the advice of a professional.

We hope that you achieve optimal results when using our paint baking booth. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Wishing you a successful workflow!



Sale Manager :Victoria Qi


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